This photograph of Derrynane Harbour was taken late in the afternoon in June 2011. It is a panorama photograph whereby 6 individual photos were stitched together to from a single image

The harbour was a thriving centre for trade with France and Spain in the 18th century. The sheltered sandy beaches of Derrynane are nestled in Derrynane Bay and could readily be mistaken for a Caribbean island. The crystal clear waters are a brilliant turquoise blue even on the dullest days. The Harbour is close to the village of Caherdaniel on the Ring of Kerry and right beside Derrynane House, the home of 'The Liberator' Daniel O'Connell.

Skellig Michael or 'The Great Skellig' can be seen on the horizon of the photograph with the 'Little Skellig' to its right. The Skelligs are two steep rocky outcrops 8 miles off the Kerry coast. A monastic settlement comprising a cluster of beehive huts was established on the 230m high summit of Skellig Michael in the 7th century. The rock became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

(also see photograph of Derrynane Beach)

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