This shot of Coney Island Causeway was taken from Cummeen Strand at low tide in November 2007.  

Coney Island lies in Sligo Bay between the coastal villages of Strandhill and Rosses Point. Its name originates from a onetime abundance of rabbits on the island. It was once home to over 120 islanders but now only one family inhabit the island. At low tide you can drive or walk across Cummeen Strand to the Island following the causeway which is marked by the 14 large stone pillars which dominate this photograph. These markers were erected in 1845 to guide people to the island from the mainland following several drowning deaths in the previous years.

It is said that Coney Island in New York is named after Sligo's Coney Island. The story goes that Captain Peter O'Connor, a Sligo man, sailed into New York harbour in the late 18th century on the schooner Arethusain and named the island Coney as it too was teeming with rabbits.

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