West of Ireland landscape photography

Vivid landscape photographs which embody the rugged natural beauty of Sligo, Galway, Mayo and elsewhere in the West of Ireland.


My aim as a photographer is to capture stunning West of Ireland landscapes at their very best and where possible from an off the beaten track vantage point. Growing up in rural Sligo I spent a lot of time exploring the great outdoors and I’ve always been drawn to this magical landscape. I hope this is reflected in my work, as a photographer the images I’m often most happy with myself are ones which were taken somewhere where I have a strong emotional connection with.

The format of photography I work with most is panoramic. I feel this wider view best captures Sligo’s stunning sweeping vistas; from the iconic slopes of its mountains to its dramatic coastline and lakes. When I come across a scene that I want to capture in a photograph the main challenge can be deciding what to leave out!
A lovely visual pursuit of the lost and the daringly alive. History and landscape, colour and distance, stone and water, are honed and stitched together through a great generous lens that throws vast light onto a sense of absence and presence. I wish Ciaran well in his future as a photographer. Through his photos he is looking into the core.’

Dermot Healy - novelist, playwright & poet, Sligo, October 2008.
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